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By Deanna

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Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Readings/Reiki - Explanations and Prices

Reading- One on One - A personal reading would be a 30 minute Session at an agreed upon place. (Restaurant/ Coffee Shop or your home) $60

One on one - A personal reading can be booked in 15 minute increments at Shows where I am Reading. Please see my Show Schedule. (Shows ) Or a Party can be Booked, prepayment required before date of party.

Computer Reading - Since everyone has a busy schedule, including me with volunteer work, I offer computer readings. No designated time is needed, only an email address to send your typed reading. Your permission is required to surround both of us in a white light of protection before the reading. This is so our heart and mind will be more open to Spirit. (Spirit connects with Spirit. Being in the same room, County or State is not necessary!) Once payment is received, I will contact you with the date/time that I will be emailing you your Reading. $45


Reiki - Level I Practitioner. I incorporate Reiki in all my offerings as a loving gesture of healing.



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