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By Deanna

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Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Readings/Reiki - Explanations and Prices

One on one - A personal reading can be booked at whatever show is coming up. Please see my Show Schedule. (Shows )

Computer Reading - Since everyone has a busy schedule, including me with volunteer work, I offer computer readings. No designated time is needed, only an email address to send your typed reading. Your permission is required to surround both of us in a white light of protection before the reading. This is so our heart and mind will be more open to Spirit. (Spirit connects with Spirit. Being in the same room, County or State is not necessary!) Once payment is received, I will contact you with the date/time that I will be emailing you your Reading. $45

Sound Healing Session #1- One on One Sound healing can be a unique way of starting to release fears, anger, childhood issues or improving upon current positive flow in your life. After encircling both of us in protective white light I stand behind you placing my hands on your shoulders. I connect with Spirit and using tones or guttural sounds a "song story" of your emotions comes through me delivering it out and up to the Universe. Once out in the Universe it will be taken care of and you will be able to start to move on and/or continue to move forward. This requires a spot in your home where it is quiet. $60

Sound Healing Session #2 - Passive Healing This Sound Healing Session is a one hour Entertainment Style Session for your loved one(s). It can be at your home, an Adult Facility or other venue such as a holiday gathering or party. I come with my guitar and connect with Spirit to know what songs need to be heard from my repertoire. I sing music from 1880's to present. I do not need to have full attention of all attendees at all times, the songs reach the person who needs the message at the time I sing it. Spirit aids in healing through my voice as I speak, talk and by my presence. $75

Reiki - Level I Practitioner. I incorporate Reiki in all my offerings as a loving gesture of healing.



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