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"This young lady is AMAZING had a reading 11/23/2019 at Susies and she read me and it was 100% me Thanks and YOU ROCK" RP - Hannibal, NY


"I was recently able to meet Ms Deanna for a reading. I have to say she did a wonderful job and I understood all her points but one. She was able to describe things to me she had absolutely no way of knowing about. Everything she told me has been positive and actually coincides with things that are currently happening in my life. Thank you so much Ms. Deanna." RR - Hannibal, NY



"Deanna is warm and generous, and she spends a long time with a person. She goes above and beyond to prepare for a Reading. She uses tarot cards as well as many other tools for a Reading. She had an innate awareness about my current concerns. My reading was very therapeutic and helpful. I highly recommend Deanna."
J - Oswego, NY


"Angel wings & loving thoughts,

Love & Light and Hope.

This is inspiration that you give

with insight beyond scope."

JFS - McDonnough, NY


Just a little reminder to you Deanna, you are a wonderfully brilliant lady whose smile lights the universe!! I want to thank you for a reading you did for me a couple years ago!!! For not that year but the year after, the Times and Events have come to fruition!! Near exact!! JM Fulton, NY


"My best friend, Memphis (my dog) of almost 10 years, had to be put down because of kidney failure. It's been so hard on me that I felt like I couldn't pull myself out of such a broken heart. My husband called Deanna to see if she could help me. Before Deanna came to our house, I looked out the window and on our front hedge were 6 robins sitting there looking in at us. Deanna pulled up 30 seconds later. Deanna says that it means a new beginning! Yes, very true. Well, we talked and talked. In our conversation, she asked me what the rocks meant? I knew exactly what this meant. Memphis & I would go for walks past this pile of rocks that I had put there to decorate my gardens. We always stopped, on Memphis' need. I was going to use these stones for Memphis and my other dog Scooby's memory. Speaking of my Scooby, Deanna asked me what was the popcorn about? I also knew right away that it had to do with Scooby! He loved popcorn and he could catch a popcorn no matter how close or far away. At that time, she told me that Memphis and Scooby were there with us and that Scooby met Memphis crossing over. That gave me the most comforting feeling I've ever had. To know that my pup is with my old pup. Deanna made such a difference in the way I felt. So relaxed and at peace. Continuing with the Reading, Deanna brought out her Healing Cards. tThe cards told me exactly what i needed to hear. I am beautiful, no more fear! So much more was said that lifted my thoughts, spirit and self. What a great wonderful valentine gift this was. I truly believe in Deanna's Heartfelt Spiritual Guidance to health, happiness and love. Take my advice, sit with Deanna, it will be special. Her readings are amazing! " DD 3-2017 Oswego, NY


Again, it's so funny that you said (that). You have such insight. I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much! Again, shared this with my mom and she couldn't agree more. Especially how you just know. And even more, that you seem to know what I need to hear the second I need to hear it. Just like always. Thank you for coming through for me. Every single time it hits me right where I need it most. JP Granby, NY


I met you at the Psychic Fair in Clayton this month. I just wanted to let you know I have just received my Level I, II, and Master/Teacher Certificate in Reiki. When I sat with you for my reading, I felt my crown chakra open wide. I have been sort of different ever since that day. With Warmth, DD Norwood, NY


A snippet from an email I received, the topic unmentioned due to privacy...

"It's so funny that you say that. You have such insight. I do worry. All. The. Time. I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much! I just read this to my mom and she couldn't agree more. Especially how you just know. And even more, that you seem to know what I need to hear the second I need to hear it." JP Phoenix,NY


Sharing a snippet from one client (With their permission of course.) from this past weekend's Canastota Psychic Fair. This was the second visit to my table by this client. They did not heed the message from Spirit last time to write out all the concerns they (the client) had and then burn them so to release them to the Universe for healing. As Spirit shared the message again the client mentioned that they often re-read all the hurt and pain that they had written. Spirit again said to write all the concerns and negative feelings down and burn them, that until those hurts are released, movement in a future relationship will not occur. When the session was about over, in my minds eye I saw a flash of a gold ring with a black stone and I mentioned it to the client. I received an email yesterday...

"I am hoping that the cards have turned. I wrote on the paper and tore out all the pages and burned them . managed to go by myself to listen to a band. I also met guy there and he was wearing a black stone ring! I hope I am on the right path. I can't wait to see what is next ." C. Canastota, NY


i would like to share an a experience i had yesterday. it's different but very much true. i had a very wonderful friend of mine, deanna hubbard come over and visit with me. we laughed, had such a nice time just talking and laughing. as we were talking, deanna put up her hands with palms toward me. i listened to her and also talked to her as her hands were still there. after our lovely visit and deanna left, i realized something amazing. as i sat there listening to deanna, i felt sooo warm and relaxed. mesmerizing! i experienced everything in my dinning room was all white! did not see the walls, table, etc. just all white and just a mouth showing, talking. it was like those cartoons where the back ground is all black and you can see the mouth moving. it was really wild! then after that (my husband) and i took the dog out and to my amazement my knee was not hurting. i have a bad knee from sports in school. it always hurts. this month has been a killer. 24/7 always hurts. i said to my husband, my knee doesn't hurt! my knee hasn't felt this good in quite a while! it still feels good. i slept like a baby last night. thank you so much for your healing energy, physically and mentally. i called deanna and told her. i connected with her and what a wonderful thing! deanna hubbard does readings and healings. go to her site and see her. i would def. go to see her if i have any problems. she can help you out! i'm serious. so thank you for letting me see things and feel things that i needed. love you deanna D.D. Oswego, NY

At a time when I was lost most in life, not know what was expected of me, or how to try to handle the unknown, I was recommended to Deanna for a little guidance. While speaking to her I felt a sense of calming by her energy. She was so kind and patient to explain anything I wasn't clear on throughout the reading. To say she was "spot on" with my list to the Universe is to say the least. I highly recommend anyone having a struggle and need for spiritual guidance or healing to speak with Deanna. She was truly wonderful
. M.S. Indiana

Deanna I don't know if you realize the impact you have on people, everytime you perform at the (Care Facility) they talk about your wonderful voice and your warming personality for days after. I am deeply honored to be able to call you my friend. You have an aura that enters a room before you do and stays long after you go. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon looking forward to your visit in March. L.C. Oswego, NY

After my reading given by Deanna, my life, in all aspects has taken a complete turn around, all for the better.  She was able to open my eyes and ears to things that I just refused to listen to in the past. Applying all the she told me in my daily life, ( none of which is hard stuff ) I'm feeling accomplished, happy, and full filled.... Before I was the exact opposite. She has a TRUE gift from God..... I'm so grateful that she has listened to her calling and is putting herself out there to help any one that is willing let her!!!! Thank you dear sweet Deanna .... Where do you hide your wings and halo??? Forever grateful, C.M.R. Holtwood, Pa.

Deanna! Wow!! JUST what I needed to hear this morning!! There are so many things going on right now that have a frustrating corporeal existance but which I know are leading me to a place of contentment and equilibrium. Wonderful to feel confirmed and reminded in that!! How kind of you to share this!! Bright blessings for a glorious day!L.F. Minneapolis, MN

I don’t know if you remember me or not but, you did a reading for me last march. So many of the points that you brought (through Spirit) with me last year have rung true for me. And I am quite surprised by it because I went in as a “non believer.” I am ready to set up another Reading for this week please. L.A. Cicero, NY

In moments of wonder, and sometimes difficult times, Deanna has given me much comfort and hope. Knowing what is right is not a simply easy thing to do. Deanna feels your soul and unfolds what's your "to do". She encourages and "gives permission" to do what we know is in our hearts, handing over words for you to become the true you. I am amazed by her sensitive nature and ability to pick up others. She is truly a loving , giving wonderful person. Thank you Deanna C.SF Martville,NY

Deanna is very connected to and gifted from Spirit. The session was beautiful sounds of Native American flute that flowed through her vocal chords. I felt a level of peacefulness that was amazing! Thank you. S.G. Syracuse, NY

Thank you!! (for healing energies) I'm convinced that what ever it is you've got going on, it's the real deal! V.H. Syracuse, NY

My first experience with Deanna's sound healing was deeply moving. Her powerful voice and sensitive intuition combined to take us on a journey that seemed to span many ages. I felt more fully connected to all of my being. I look forward to experiencing her healing again in the future. S.B. Wellesley Island, NY

After sending healing energies and asking the Universe to help a client's relationship to be mutually respected, weeks later I received an email from my client. Here is just a snippit that I was allowed to share: " what you have been doing for (my husband) and I must have been working - he has completed more projects that I have wanted done for years, is more caring and more patient than I have experienced in years. Thank you for whatever you have been doing.... and PLEASE.... keep doing it!" N.V.M Sterling, NY

I've known for years that Deanna had a 6th sense about things in general, that she is extremely empathetic and caring, but when she read my cards recently, I was just blown away by how accurate the reading was!  I hadn't spoken to her recently of my business plans or desired path and she didn't connect the reading with my business, but her reading connected all the dots for me and reinforced what I was being told by my business associates, too!  Some of her words were literally the exact same words those associates had said and yet, until I heard if from Deanna, I wasn't ready to take the leap of faith.  Thanks, Deanna, for sharing your amazing gift with all of us! A.L. Oswego, NY

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I needed to hear from someone else what goes through my mind.  I came home mentally exhausted but right now I feel so up, relieved, and lighter.  I love you so much and am so glad you are a part of my life. C.W. Liverpool, NY

At a time when I had lost hope of finding a cure for a debilitating medical problem, I reached out to Deanna Hubbard. After just a few minutes of listening, I knew there was an answer out there for me and I just needed to keep working toward it. Very shortly after this I researched and found the only doctor who knew what I had and how to cure me. Today I am 100% well and am so thankful to Deanna for allowing me to unlock the truth and show me the way to restored health. L.M. Douglas-Mass.

Thank you very much. You did help me I know that. I feel very positive about where my life is headed. T. K. Liverpool, NY

You should know that an administrator called me today at 3:30 and offered me one of the jobs. Had been waiting for WEEKS to hear ANYTHING. Wow- just...WOW. Are you magic or something?? H.A. Oswego, NY

Deanna Hubbard has a wonderful way with people. She has always listened attentively to me and always knows what I need to hear. She helps me to understand what I may be going through emotionally. Deanna is very encouraging and supportive. She validates me. Deanna is the only person with whom I can truly speak my mind and she doesn't judge. I trust Deanna with my heart. M.A. North Syracuse, NY


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