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I remember at 2 years old sitting on the floor in front of my Mother watching TV and we watched some horses pulling a wagon with a box on it. The box was covered with a patterned sheet. My Mother rocked back and forth with her arms around me. I could feel her emotions and I cried and cried. I felt the intense-ness of her ache, the hopelessness, the fear. It was a "knowing" that I felt. I now know from history it was the flag draped casket of President J.F. Kennedy on that wagon.

Over the years my "knowing" was never as evident as when my parents became ill and I was able to come up with words and phrases, alien to me, that would grab the Doctors attention to look in certain areas in regard to my parent's care. I would know how to respond, when to respond and who to go directly to without hesitation... and I am grateful.

I have always felt the emotions of others and automatically helped them seek their happiness, soothed their tears or aided them to see their self worth. I am the one many family members and friends seek out in times of stress or loss. However, it doesn’t matter if I know you or not. I am the person in the line at the checkout, the Dr. office, the gas station, the wrong number you just called that is so happy to converse with you. I know what you need to hear and I have an uplifting message and you’re going to hear it much to your rolling eyes or glances for sympathy from others around you!

Healing people through my singing voice has been a more recent blessing. Adult nursing facilities report that the people are "better" for at least three days after my song laden visitation. A common comment when just talking with someone, "Your voice and energy is so comforting."

So here I am, with lots of insistence from Spirit and my loved ones, sharing my ability with more than those I meet in my daily routines.

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