Ukrainian Eggs have been around for Centuries. In 988 a.d. Christianity was introduced to the Ukraine and their pagan symbols began changing to Christian symbols.

Now the eggs have a beautiful blending of both Christian and Pagan symbolism.

Here are some examples!

Deer, Horses, Rams - Deer and Horses Symbolize wealth and prosperity. Stags and Rams symbolize leadership and strength.

Bears Paws - The bear was associated with the forest guardian spirit and the paw represents bravery, wisdom, strength and endurance as well as the coming of Spring.

Hen's Feet - Guidance or Direction of the youth in searching for knowledge.

Birds - Joy, Fulfillment of wishes and fertility.

Wheat - Wishes for a Bountiful Life , Bountiful Harvest.

Berries - Health and Wisdom.

Leaves - Oak Leaves symbolize Strength. Small leaves Youth+Love.

Flowers - Love and Charity.

Ladders - Suggest searching.

Fish - Ancient symbol of Christ and also symbolizes sacrifice.

Spirals - Immortality

Sieve/Basket weave - Division of good and evil - Heaven and Hell.

Cross - Christ's Victory over Death.

Triangle - Any trio: Air, Fire, Water or Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Dots - Stars in Heaven or the Virgin Mary's Tears as she wept for Jesus.

Star - Also called the Rose, symbolizes God's love toward man.

Ribbon/Belt or Band - Encircling the egg, symbolizes eternity. Also called the endless line with no beginning or end.

Tripod - A solar symbol signifies a trinity such as Birth, Life and Death.

Circle - The most naturalistic representation of the sun. It represents growth, good fortune and happiness.

Butterflies - Resurrection

Trees - Eternal Youth

Diamonds - Knowledge


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